Top 10 most sold electric two wheelers in FY 2023

By Obaidullah khan

Electric 2W Sales improved by 187.77 percent in FY 2023 period from 2,52,541 units sold in FY 2022.

With 1,52,542 units, Ola Electric had the most retail sales in FY 2023, an increase of 959.25 percent from FY 2022.

Okinawa Autotech retail sales in FY 2023 stood at 94,626 units, up 103.71 percent from FY 2022.

In comparison to the 65,306 units sold in FY 2022, Hero Electric sales increased by 35.66% to 88,591 units in FY 2023.

Ampere retail sales improved by 84,551 units in FY 2023, while TVS Motors sales stood at 81,887 units.

Ather Energy sales improved by 284.55 percent to 76,833 units in FY 2023.

Bajaj Auto's retail sales increased by 357.76 percent in FY 2023, from 7,112 to 32,556 units, compared to the same period the previous year.

Okaya sales were at 13,172 units in FY 2023 while that of Revolt improved by 69.16 percent to 12,922 units.

PUR Energy reported retail sales de-growth, down 22.28 percent to 11,555 units in FY 2023 from 14,868 units sold in FY 2022.

Other players in the segment added 77,513 units to total retail sales in FY 2023 up 82.84 percent when compared to 42,394 units sold in FY 2022.

Electric two-wheeler sales saw good growth in March 2023, with sales improved by 57.71 percent YoY and 30.58 percent MoM.