Matter Electric motorcycle with 4-speed gearbox and ABS debuts

Matter Electric motorcycle with 4-speed gearbox and ABS revealed

The upcoming Matter Electric Motorcycle will come with 4 speed gearbox, ABS and other modern features.

An Ahmedabad-based electric motorcycle brand Matter has unveiled its new electric motorcycle that comes with several first-in-segment features. The motorcycle has been publicly disclosed, but the company hasn’t yet provided information on its price, bookings, or launch in India. 

However, the brand has revealed the final design, features, and select specifications of this yet-to-be-christened product.

Matter Electric motorcycle with 4-speed gearbox and ABS revealed
Matter Electric motorcycle with 4-speed gearbox and ABS revealed

The company claims that the 5kWh battery pack was built internally with Indian environmental and usage circumstances in mind. The system also includes a patented Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System, power conversion modules, and a Battery Management System (BMS) (IITMS). It is asserted that this active liquid cooling technology would guarantee peak performance.

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This battery pack powers a 10.5kW electric motor that is connected to a Matter Hypershift four-speed manual gearbox and is rated to provide 520Nm of torque. This electric motorcycle charges both slowly and quickly with a single plug.

According to the manufacturer, based on the variant chosen, the battery range will range between 125km and 150km.

The roadster-styled electric motorcycle has modern features including a split-style LED tail lamp, a bi-functional LED projector headlight, body-integrated front turn signals, a storage compartment with built-in lights, and a smart mobile charging port.

A touch-enabled seven-inch instrument cluster is present in the cockpit. This unit consists Android software, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 4G connectivity. It displays data on things like speed, gear selection, riding mode, navigation, media playback, and call control.

Additionally, it gets a smartphone app with push navigation, geofencing, live position tracking, personalised ride statistics, vehicle health monitoring, remote lock/unlock, and charging status. Keyless operations are included on the list of features.

The equipment includes twin preload-adjustable rear shocks, telescopic front forks, disc brakes on both wheels, and a single-channel ABS.

When it is launched, this motorbike will compete in the Indian market against models like the Oben Rorr and Revolt RV400.

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