Bajaj introduces new Red Color variant of the Pulsar NS200 and NS160

Bajaj introduces new Red Color variant of the Pulsar NS200 and NS160

Bajaj has recently unveiled an exciting update for the Pulsar NS200 and NS160 motorcycles, presenting a captivating new color option that builds upon the popular Burnt Red shade. By ingeniously blending various colors such as Black and White, along with attention-grabbing graphics, Bajaj has achieved a mesmerizing visual transformation.

This fresh color variant follows the previous update that introduced USD front forks for both the NS160 and NS200 models, showcasing Bajaj’s commitment to constant innovation and refinement.

2023 Bajaj Pulsar NS200 and NS160’s New Red Color

To infuse a sense of novelty and appeal, Bajaj is offering a striking new color variant for both the NS160 and NS200 motorcycles. Arun Bajaj, an authorized dealer from Nagpur, Maharashtra, enthusiastically shared this exciting update on the popular social media platform Instagram. The latest color update manifests Bajaj’s inherent fondness for stickers, graphics, and a diverse color palette, while keeping the mechanical aspects untouched.

Exquisite Design and Aesthetic Enhancements

Maintaining the timeless design of the 2012 model, Bajaj has seamlessly integrated revisions in graphics over the years, solidifying their reputation as masters of visual refinement. The recent color update reflects Bajaj’s unwavering commitment to meticulous attention to detail, with a particular emphasis on captivating stickers, graphics, and colors. While there are no mechanical alterations in this update, Bajaj’s dedication to aesthetic perfection shines through.

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 red color
Bajaj Pulsar NS160 red color

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Specific Colour Changes

The most notable changes can be observed in the color scheme of the NS160 and NS200 motorcycles. Previously, the majority of the NS’s perimeter frame featured a pristine White finish. However, it has now been replaced with an alluring gun-metal Grey hue, exuding an air of sophistication.

Furthermore, the faded White inscriptions of “160” and “200” on the tank shrouds have been transformed into faded Grey, adding a touch of subtlety. Additionally, the Red pin-striping on the wheels has been replaced with a captivating Grey shade. The headlight cowl has undergone a remarkable transformation as well, now adorned with a delightful combination of Red and White stickers, previously limited to Red only.

Rear Subframe Body Panels with Redefined Sophisticated Sticker Placement

Notably, a White sticker has been introduced in the lower part of the fuel tank, lending a fresh and invigorating look. The rear subframe body panels, once dominated by Black with accents of Red and White, have now been elegantly reimagined. The majority of the panels are now bedecked in alluring Red, followed by tasteful White stickering. Black, on the other hand, has been completely eliminated, elevating the visual appeal to new heights.

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No changes in Performance and Functionality

Despite the allure of the new color variant, it is essential to highlight that no mechanical changes have been made to the NS160 and NS200 models. However, it is important to acknowledge the noteworthy enhancements introduced in the previous update. These include the incorporation of USD front telescopic forks, larger disc brakes, and Grimeca calipers from the N250 and F250 models.

The utilization of USD forks brings several advantages over conventional telescopic forks, offering a significantly enhanced front-end feel. This improvement provides riders with an unparalleled level of control and responsiveness. Another noteworthy addition is the gear position indicator on the instrument console, a feature absent in previous iterations. Although enthusiasts may have wished for Bluetooth connectivity, the closest approximation to this desire is the introduction of a blue-backlit Bajaj logo.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 red color
Bajaj Pulsar NS200 red color

Unchanging Performance Specifications

While the new color variant breathes new life into the NS160 and NS200 motorcycles, their performance remains uncompromised. The NS160 still boasts the same robust 164.82cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine, delivering 15.68 bhp of power and 14.65 Nm of torque. This powerplant is skillfully paired with a smooth 5-speed manual gearbox.

On the other hand, the NS200 features a KTM-sourced 199.5cc engine, generating an impressive 24.14 bhp of power and 18.74 Nm of torque. Equipped with a 6-speed gearbox and a highly efficient liquid-cooling system, the NS200 offers an exhilarating ride that surpasses expectations.

2023 Bajaj Pulsar NS160 and NS200 Pricing and Availability

Bajaj has priced the NS160 at an affordable Rs. 1.25 lakh, while the NS200 is available at Rs. 1.40 lakh for the single-channel ABS model. Alternatively, customers can opt for the NS160 with dual-channel ABS priced at Rs. 1.36 lakh or the NS200 with dual-channel ABS priced at Rs. 1.49 lakh (all prices ex-showroom). The name of this captivating new Red color variant has yet to be revealed, but it will join the existing range of vibrant colors offered with the NS160 and NS200 models.

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